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In end thirties of the twentieth century it was clear that new war of great extent was to occupy the world stage. Germany was few steps ahead in terms of rapid arming and modernization of their forces, while its rivals from the Great War tried to keep up the pace. From once sixth top ranking air force, the Air Force of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia became obsolete overnight.
In one of procurements from abroad, modern and fast Bristol Blenheim aircraft were purchased, at first only two with a license for production of another forty aircraft, and finally another twenty was bought from England.
When the war broke out, those aircraft were already deployed in two bomber regiments and one reconnaissance group. Yugoslav royal crews fought with vast audacity and allegiance against much stronger enemy in short lasting April war in 1941. In only four days favorable for combat missions, forty five aviators of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia lost their lives on the battlefield flying on their favorite Blenheims. Twenty two airmen died in a single attack against targets in Hungary.
Blenheim aircraft of other air forces - British, Romanian, Croatian, Hungarian, along with Blenheims of the communist Yugoslavia - flew across the Balkan sky. The war that raged in Europe and worldwide opened some unexpected routes so new parts intended for Yugoslav Blenheims were used for completing of Finnish machines in the far cold north. 
This book is dedicated to all the airmen who flew both in peace and war, to those who survived the war and those who have offered up the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, regardless of which side they fought and died on. Those are the men that marked a historical era in flying on the Bristol Blenheim aircraft.
Oblivion is the only thing worse than death.